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An Internationally Educated Nurse’s Experience Becoming an RN in Ontario

In our newest episode of Nurses’ Voices, join hosts Gail Donner and Mary Wheeler for a conversation with Kenely Lamsen RN and Anne Marie Shin RN, MN, MSc (QIPS) about the challenges that Kenely and other Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs) face in becoming registered in Ontario.

Watch and listen as Kenely describes her journey to Canada and the steps she’s undertaken towards registration in Ontario, completing clinical hours through the Hamilton Health Sciences – IEN Integration Nursing Evidence of Practice Pilot project. Anne Marie Shin, Director of Professional Practice at the College of Nurses of Ontario, shares steps the College is taking towards improving the processes to assist IENs in their goal of becoming registered.

As an update, since the taping of this episode Kenely has become a Registered Nurse. Congratulations Kenely.